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Would You Like Guaranteed “HIGH QUALITY” Leads For Your Firm Every Day?

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No Contracts, No Commitments, Just Leads

Here’s how our lead generation process works (we think you’ll love it)…

1. We agree on a cost-per-lead.

2. We agree on how many leads you want in that week.

3. We provide you with the requested amount of leads plus extra for invalid leads. Simple.

There are no upfront costs for funnel builds or website optimization. We create all that for you free of charge.

All we need is an order of at least 30 leads in the first week and you can choose not to continue at any time.

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How Does it Work?

Why We’re Different From Other “Lead Generators”

No Retainer, Pay Only For What You Need!

We’ve all had enough of contracts. Only pay for the leads you need. Week to week basis, no retainer, no contract, no management fees, no creative fees, just leads. Cancel anytime. 

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Answers to Your Questions

How Do You Generate Your Leads & Are They Exclusive?

We advertise on social media platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc using our custom funnels and surveys. Our leads are 100% exclusive to you. We never sell the same leads twice.

How Do Guarantee The Quality of Your Leads?

We build market-leading high-quality funnels and surveys that gather detailed information from potential prospects.

Why is Lead Segmentation so Important?

We use custom software to filter out the leads to the very last detail so that you only get leads that match what your firm wants in a high-quality prospect.

How Do You Deliver the Leads?

Any way you want. It’s important that leads are contacted in the few minutes after they enter their details, so we send you the leads in real-time to your CRM, sales team, email, or any other system you have in place.

What’s Your Lead Dispute Policy?

We issue refunds on any leads that are a hoax, duplicate, or wrong number. No questions asked. We also over-deliver by 10% to help mitigate this problem. Refunds are processed at the end of the week after we’ve delivered the requested amount.